I used to work (read a more detailed bio here) for one of the world’s largest professional services organisations; a company which recruits thousands of graduates each year and employs thousands more women at all levels. The vast majority of those women were not employed at the most senior levels of the company, in spite of the fact that the firm had been recruiting a 50/50 male/female mix of graduate talent for much of the last 30 years. This situation remained static and “business as usual” until, via a variety of channels, it arrived at the desk of the (then) global chief executive.

To his enduring credit, he immediately recognised the imbalance and the continuing loss of female talent as being a huge global business issue and took immediate steps to remedy the situation.

One of those actions was to hire me to run a newly established global gender diversity function.  During my award winning corporate career, I worked with leadership teams all over the world and helped people at all levels to understand the business case for gender balance and how to implement a proven suite of activities to help attract, promote and retain female talent.

If you would like to work with a person described as:

“ … part of our “secret sauce” in getting global diversity and inclusion issues front and centre in the collective global consciousness; Cleo is secure with her own profile as a change agent. She is an adept project manager, both on the “getting it done” and on the economies of getting it done on a shoestring budget with no loss of quality.”

And as:

“ … a big picture, strategic thinker who gets the business case for gender and knows how to position it tactically and impactfully at the highest levels. In addition, Cleo is a fun, enthusiastic person, and a pleasure to work with. If you take gender seriously, and want results, work with Cleo. She delivers.”

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